However, there are many ways to make moving a pleasant experience. The first advice that psychologists offer us in this situation is to face change in a positive way and with joy. Changes are always good and, although we leave behind many good memories, we must think about all the positive things that they can bring us: new neighbors, a more welcoming, brighter, cheaper house, different experiences, etc.


In a move the most important thing is to plan. The ideal is to have about three weeks prior to the move to think about how we are going to carry out the packing and transfer of our belongings, especially those to which we feel most attached, since their loss or deterioration could cause sadness.

The most advisable thing is to hire a moving company such as Moving & Storage so that the professionals are in charge of the transfer and even the packaging, since this greatly reduces the nervousness and the state of anxiety before the effort to be made. There are companies that pack everything in the old house and place it perfectly in the new one, which will make us practically not even know that we are moving.


Moving implies a change that we have to face in a positive way in our life, such as growth and evolution. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of it to get rid of all those things that we do not use, but that take up a lot of space at home and rob us of a lot of energy. A move is a very suitable situation to clean up everything that is left over.

Feel accompanied

To avoid the stress of a move, having help is essential. It is a good time to call our family or friends, to help us with the organization and even give their opinion on the decoration of the new home. This will reduce the level of work and will also turn this experience into a social event where we will share new experiences with our friends. Having the opinion and recommendations of people close to us can help us to solve difficult situations, which due to certain circumstances it is difficult for us to face today.

Healthy lifestyle

Another of the fundamental advice on the part of psychologists is to eat a healthy diet and take care of ourselves at all levels. It is true that this should be done every day of our life, but during the days when we are moving, it is vital. We must respect food and sleep schedules, sleep 8 hours a day and eat a balanced diet.

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